Welcome to Kingston upon Thames U3A

Prospective members: Welcome to Kingston U3A! If you have recently retired, or are coming up to that exciting third age phase of your life, there is so much to do! We have an extensive range of groups you can join, covering everything from literature through arts, music, walks, discussions, dancing and table tennis to games, languages and science.   There are regular monthly meetings with an interesting talk, introductory get-togethers for new members and a chance to meet people and make new friends. There is a wide monthly programme of visits to places of interest and a holiday, abroad or in the UK, every year. This website will give you a lot of information about all of these and many other activities. Please browse and let us know if you would like to join us.

Existing members please make regular visits to this website as we will be posting up-to-date information as it becomes available.

To find out more of the U3A s history please follow the link :-      History of the U3A

Latest News

May 22

Kingston U3A Singers (Meeting time error starts at 10.30 not 10.00)

Do you enjoy singing? Enjoy it more with the Kingston U3A Singers. We are looking to expand our numbers in all voice ranges, especially in the Alto and Tenor sections. The group meets on Thursday mornings from 10.30  to 12.30 a.m. in the Shiraz Community Hall in Malden Manor Park. This park is near the […]

Apr 26

How Do We Remember Where We Look and the Objects We Have Seen?” Kingston Univ. Study looking for some Participants.

My name is Zoë McHayle and I am a second year PhD Psychology student from Kingston University. I will be conducting an experiment investigating visuospatial working memory and how this changes as we age. Research has already found that cognitive abilities such as planning, memory for future events, verbal knowledge and empathy all improve with […]

Apr 11

June 2nd – U3A Royal Society Healthy Ageing Lecture 2017

U3A Royal Society Healthy Ageing Lecture 2017 in association with The European Alliance for the Brain Professor Ian Deary, Professor of Differential Psychology, Director, MRC Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology University of Edinburgh. Professor Deary is an entertaining and informative speaker, familiar to some U3A members. He will explore the reasons why some people’s brains and thinking skills age better than […]

Apr 10

June 14th National Gallery U3A Study Day – First Impressions (French Impressionism)

The National Gallery is delighted to be hosting a U3A study day focusing on French Impressionism.  Learn about the techniques and subject matter of Impressionist paintings in the National Gallery collection and discover why these ground-breaking paintings of modern life were so controversial in France during the Belle Époque. Join National Gallery experts for a […]

Apr 10

Research Study 1: Examining the Impact of a Museum Exhibition on the Visitor – Volunteers Wanted

Location: the Museum of London Description: A team of cognitive psychologists from the University of Westminster, access specialists and Museum interpretation professionals are working together to explore different ways of presenting artworks. This project is grounded in the growing understanding that exploring the ways in which museum visitors ‘receive’ an exhibition or permanent display is crucial to the […]