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May 25

Anyone for Croquet? Taster Session – June 19th

Would you like to join a new U3A croquet group at the Surbiton Croquet Club, Alexandra Drive, KT5 9AA? Lorraine and Philip Hellen are offering a second taster session at 10am on the morning of Wednesday, 19 June for you to try out the game.

Croquet is a fascinating game. Suitable for both young and old, it is played in the open air and gives modest physical exercise with very little risk of physical injury. It also presents a test of hand

and eye coordination and (some of the time) of mental agility. Like most sports, it can be played both socially and extremely competitively.

There are two forms of the game, Association and Golf, both played using the same equipment – a large lawn furnished with six hoops, a set of four differently coloured balls and a mallet to strike the balls. Both require players to knock their ball through the hoops in a prescribed order. However, the two forms are as different from each other as billiards and snooker.

If you are interested, please contact Philip or Lorraine: 020 8390 5718.