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Jan 27

March 13th National Gallery Day for the U3A – exploring the paintings of Murillo, Zurbarán, El Greco, Velásquez, Goya and Picasso.


Join National Gallery experts for a day of talks exploring the dazzling paintings of Murillo, Zurbarán, El Greco, Velásquez, Goya and Picasso.

The National Gallery’s collection of Spanish paintings is renowned as one of the finest in the world. It is arguably the best place outside of Madrid to study the work of Velásquez and holds masterpieces of the ‘Golden Age of Spain’, the great flourishing of the arts from about 1575 to 1700.

Tickets: £25 per person (lunches & refreshments not provided).

Should you be unable to attend we may be able to offer your place to another U3A member if there is a waiting list.


Tue 13 March 2018

11:00 – 16:00 GMT

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The Sainsbury Wing Theatre

National Gallery

Trafalgar Square




Jan 27

Feb 26th Active Learning and Research: a Workshop for Enquiring Minds

You are invited to an interactive study day with participants from across London Region.

Presentations and discussions will include:

– Lifelong learning: How do we learn as adults?

– Stimulating enquiry-led learning in U3A

– Research with partner organisations

– Challenges and examples of best practice

– U3A support facilities for research


The workshop is suitable for all members who have an enquiring mind, whether they have research experience or not.


Time: 10am-4.30pm (Registration + tea/coffee 10am)

Date: Monday, 26 February

Place: Canada Water Library, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7AR (Nearest station: Canada Water)

Cost: £5 (includes lunch)

Booking: Please go to London Region website   Space is limited, so early booking is advised.

Further information: email Liz Day


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Research and your group


Does your interest group encourage its members to undertake research? If so, Liz Day would like to hear from you, so she can invite them to participate in discussions. Please email Liz Day if you are interested.


Nov 28

Follow Up from the AGM – News from our New Chair

“As the new Chair of Kingston U3A, I am most grateful to be following in the footsteps of Richard Hawkins who steered the ship most ably for three years. The well functioning committee continues to offer support and guidance to the Chair and I look forward to carrying on the good work of our organisation. The new constitution, passed at the recent AGM, keeps us in line with U3A National Office and the Charity Commission requirements.
>  Linda Foreman, our database manager takes up the position of Vice Chair which will be a great help to me. I’d like to encourage new members to start up new groups as these are the life blood of U3As around the UK. I look forward to introducing myself more personally at our Christmas function and our regular monthly Monday meetings next year.
> Wishing you all a happy Christmas and very good New Year.
> Ireni Esler

Nov 23

SE Forum U3A Summer School 2018 Chichester University 18 -21 June 2018

18 -21 JUNE 2018

The Summer School for 2018 will consist of 13 courses as listed below. The School runs from Monday afternoon until lunch-time on Thursday. There will be a short seminar late on Monday afternoon when you will meet your tutor and fellow students and then three morning seminars and two afternoon seminars.

Entertainment will be arranged for the three evenings including the choice of a theatre trip (extra charge) or a film, a quiz and a musical evening. There will also be a drinks reception.

Further details of the courses will be provided by your tutor nearer the date.

PLEASE BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. Application forms can be accessed via
The Courses

Bridge Refresher Course

Tutor : Bryan Stephens

For bridge players with a minimum of six months play experience. CONTENT – Rule of 20, Roman Hands, Opener’s re-bid, Stayman, Transfers, Overcalling, Unusual No-trump, Michael’s Cue Bid, Fourth Suit Forcing, Opening 2/3/4/5 levels, 4 Doubles, Leads and Card play.

Culture & Rituals Tutor – Bernard Smale

An academic but informal examination of symbolic ceremonies designed to emphasise important social situations ranging from the mundane to the highly significant. They exist to unite individualsintosupportivegroupsandprovideareflectionofeachculturespriorities. Personal experiences will be welcome and help to inform our search. Possible areas to cover could include include rites of passage, lawful behaviour, sexual interactions, body adornments, medical examinations, witchcraft, musical concerts, birth and death rituals.

Knitting Tutor – Penny Ryan

Practical knitting plus the origins, development and the role of knitting today. Practical work will include lace knitting, cables, colour work and sampler bags. The course is suitable for anyone whoknowsthebasicknitstitchandhelpwillbegivenwithcastingon/off. Experiencedknitters will be given the opportunity to try something new.

Life Story Tutors – Bernard & Teresa Hall

This is an opportunity to join others making a start or moving your story closer to completion. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on life, its ups and downs, the “what if and the “what if not”, as well as the social history of bygone decades. The course will be structured for beginners and more experienced life story writers. Your work will be shared with others and you will give and receive constructive feedback. Working together enables progress; working alone can easily become, “I will do it one day”. Our aim is that by the end of the course all participants will have made a start, accumulated ideas about different ways of reaching the finishing line and possess both the means and the will to complete their story.

Mah Jong Tutor – Ann Barlow

The course is designed for beginners or those who have played once or twice and will be based on “Mah Jong: Game of Four Winds” (based on the British Mah Jong Association rules.) The aim is to learn the basics of the game and practice some special hands. A copy of “Materials for U3A Groups by Susan Fifer will be supplied for each table but is available from the National Office for £4. If you have a Mah Jong set, please bring it along as it is interesting to examine the differences in sets.

Music – “Jazz – The Sound of Surprise” Tutor – Mike Head

Jazz is possibly the only true American art form, and has evolved to produce an approach to music both fascinating and unique. We look at the development of jazz across much of the 20th century, through recordings of some of its most important performers. We hear great music from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, from Duke Ellington to Billy Holiday and many others from the world of Jazz. We look at its many styles and get an appreciation of its great musical variety – assisted by illustrations from Mike on piano. We also have the opportunity to see unique video of some of its greatest musicians. Suitable for anyone open to the wider world of music.

Maths – The Joy of Maths. Tutor – Roger Luther

This course will look at a variety of mathematical activities – both those which are used in applications, and those which are simply fascinating in themselves. We will be looking at how many friends you have, how maths and music relate, how to pack oranges efficiently, and the meaning of infinity. No specific maths knowledge is required, only a willingness to be open- minded and to think hard!!

Painting – Discovering Techniques in Water Colour Painting. Tutor – Janet Blight

This exciting course is aimed at keeping an open mind and breaking the rules of traditional watercolour painting. You will be experimenting with your paints using household and plant materials to produce unusual and amazing artwork. The course is not suitable for beginners.

Pagham, Parham and a Palace With Ann Wickenden & Isabel Baker

The two full days will be spent exploring both Pagham Harbour and Parham House, Gardens and surrounding Park. On the final morning there will be a choice of a visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace or a guided walk around Chichester.

Portrayal of People, Events & Nature Tutor – Margaret Nicholle Below Stairs: Servants in Portraits and Literature, Artists & Poets of the Great War, Nature in Art. Suitable for all participants. A variety of topics will allow maximum discussion

Psychology – A Sense of Well-being Tutor – Anne Dale

We will look at what constitutes a sense of well-being, what factors psychologists find contributes to it and some of the things that may get in the way. Suitable for all

Ukulele Tutor – Dawn Simpson

Suitable for inexperienced and experienced people. The course will include history, basic instructions, playing and singing together. No knowledge is required but those with a little knowledge will also fit in and benefit from being with other ukulele people. All sheet music and teaching notes will be provided but students will need paper and pen. Ukuleles will be needed (we are seeing if these can be borrowed) and a digital ukulele tuner (<£10). Please tell us if you will need a ukulele.

Walking With Roger Sugden

Using public transport, we do full day walks of 7/8 miles with picnic lunches on the Downs and the Coast near Chichester (different routes to 2017), and a shorter walk on the Thursday morning.

Contacts Helen Turner Isabel Baker

Arthur Browne

01622 817264 01293 618685 01293 771794

Summer School 2018 applform

Summer School 2018 – poster

Summer School 2018 – course details Nov 18

Oct 31

Cleave’s Almshouses, Kingston upon Thames – Possible Housing Opportunities

Cleave’s Almshouses, Kingston upon Thames

This local charity provides delightful small homes in central Kingston, at low cost, for elderly people of modest means.  From time to time there are vacancies.

To be eligible, you need to be

  1. In housing need – in temporary or very unsuitable accommodation or facing eviction.
  2. Of modest means – this may mean eligible for Housing Benefit.
  3. 60 years or older – there is no upper limit.
  4. Living in Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames or with links to the Borough – except in special cases to be approved by the Trustees.
  5. Capable of independent living – able to look after yourself and your home, if necessary, with help from, for example, friends, family or social services.
  6. Aware of the need for give and take when living in close proximity to others.

To check if there are currently any vacancies, please see:


Aug 26

Kingston U3A AGM 6th Nov (Prior to the Monthly Meeting) Nomination Form for Committee members

As indicated in the Newsletter  we will be hoping for lots of members to volunteer to be on the Committee for the new membership year and here are the Nomination forms that need to be filled in:-

Nomination Form 2017

Aug 26

Research Project on Action for Hearing Loss – Volunteers Wanted.

Study description:

We are looking for approximately 40 volunteers for the Action on Hearing Loss funded summer research project in which we investigate why some speakers are easier to understand than others are, and how age and hearing levels influence speech intelligibility.

We are looking to recruit monolingual Southern British English* speaking adults with and without hearing loss between the ages of 65-85 years. In this study, you are asked to visit us once for approximately 50-60 minutes. The task is to listen to English sentences played in background noise (via headphones), rate how easy it was to understand, and to repeat back what you heard. We will also do a quick hearing test. We pay £7 for your participation and for your travel costs.

You can take part if you are/have:

  • Between 65 and 85 years of age.
  • Monolingual (learned only English at home as a child) Southern British English speaker.
  • Normal hearing or have mild age-related hearing loss (with/without hearing aids, but please see

    below). We will assess this during the study session.

  • Able to visit us once for approximately 60 minutes between August 28th and September 12th

    Unfortunately, you cannot take part if you:

  • Acquired multiple languages at home when child.
  • Speak ‘other Englishes’ such as American, Australian, Scottish, Irish…
  • Have previously taken part in the studies advertised by Outi Tuomainen/UCL
  • Use hearing aids on every-day basis (occasional use, such as in theatre, social events etc, is fine

    but please note that because the study requires you to wear headphones, it cannot be conducted with hearing aids on).

    The study takes place at UCL (Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street, WC1N 1PF, i.e., a walking distance from both King’s Cross and Russel Square stations). If you are interested in taking part, please contact me directly via email:

    This study is a final stage in our large 3-year ESRC funded study which aims to achieve a better understanding of the effects of ageing on speech communication and of the various contributing factors to potentially degraded speech communication in a population of ‘healthy aged’ individuals.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further details should you need them!

    Best wishes,

    Lilian Tu
    Outi Tuomainen Valerie Hazan

    [* this particular language background restriction applies to this study because previous research world- wide has shown that bi- and multilingual speakers can differ from monolingual speakers in their cognitive skills (that also include working memory), and this can affect how they perform in noisy backgrounds. Furthermore, different accents (e.g. ‘other Englishes’) are differently intelligible to various speakers especially in noisy backgrounds. Because both of these variables are hard (or almost impossible) to control in an experimental setting, and both would affect our results, we can only recruit individuals from very specific linguistic backgrounds.]

May 22

Kingston U3A Singers (Meeting time error starts at 10.30 not 10.00)

Do you enjoy singing? Enjoy it more with the Kingston U3A Singers.

We are looking to expand our numbers in all voice ranges, especially in the Alto and Tenor sections. The group meets on Thursday mornings from

10.30  to 12.30 a.m. in the Shiraz Community Hall in Malden Manor Park. This park is near the A3 New Malden roundabout and has a large car park. The 213 bus stops outside.

Come along to meet us and make new friends. There is no formal audition and you do not have to be able to read music, just come along for a month to see if you would like to join. The work varies from Classical through to Folk music and is mostly sung in parts. The cost is £40.00 per quarter and the music is provided.

If you would like to come along and join in to see what it is all about, please contact any member of the singers or: Helga Randall: 8397 8712.

Apr 26

How Do We Remember Where We Look and the Objects We Have Seen?” Kingston Univ. Study looking for some Participants.

My name is Zoë McHayle and I am a second year PhD Psychology student from Kingston University. I will be conducting an experiment investigating visuospatial working memory and how this changes as we age. Research has already found that cognitive abilities such as planning, memory for future events, verbal knowledge and empathy all improve with age.

My study involves the latest technology in eye tracking and consists of cognitive, IQ and a visuospatial working memory tasks. I am recruiting healthy retired/semi-retired adults aged 65-80 years for this study. Ideally, participants will be right-handed and have normal or corrected to normal vision, and will not have a history of falling, psychosis or brain damage.

Participants will be provided with refreshments and will have their travel expenses reimbursed. Those who take part will also be entered into a prize draw where they will have the opportunity to win a £20 voucher for Patisserie Valerie.

This study will take place at Kingston University at the Penhyrn Road Campus from 3rd May 2017 to the 1st September 2017. If you require more information and would like to take part in this study please email me at and I will be happy to give you further details on the design of the study.

Apr 10

June 14th National Gallery U3A Study Day – First Impressions (French Impressionism)

The National Gallery is delighted to be hosting a U3A study day focusing on French Impressionism.  Learn about the techniques and subject matter of Impressionist paintings in the National Gallery collection and discover why these ground-breaking paintings of modern life were so controversial in France during the Belle Époque.

Join National Gallery experts for a day of talks exploring Impressionism in France c.1874-1926, from Monet, Degas and Renoir’s contributions to the first Impressionist exhibition to Monet’s Water Lilies series, painted during the final years of his life.

Be dazzled by the light, colour and spontaneity of Impressionism at a day of talks at The National Gallery

£20.50 (lunches & refreshments not provided)


Apr 10

Research Study 1: Examining the Impact of a Museum Exhibition on the Visitor – Volunteers Wanted

Location: the Museum of London

Description: A team of cognitive psychologists from the University of Westminster, access specialists and Museum interpretation professionals are working together to explore different ways of presenting artworks. This project is grounded in the growing understanding that exploring the ways in which museum visitors ‘receive’ an exhibition or permanent display is crucial to the development of optimum museum provisions for all.

Participation: The study takes place at the Museum of London, where the Leaning Department have kindly provided dedicated space for the study to be run. Participants in the study will simply experience an ‘exhibition’ of photos from the Museum’s archives, and they will then be asked to complete a questionnaire about the experience (all carried out at the Museum of London). Participation in this first part would take approximately 30-60 minutes (including viewing the exhibition).

For part two, we simply ask you to fill out an online questionnaire, which would be emailed to you 1 month later, with some follow-up questions.

This study will provide important insight to museum professionals and curatorial staff about what helps to provide a positive experience in the Museum. Your participation will be invaluable in helping us to provide useful information to the sector.

How to take part: if you would like to take part (we can test up to two people at one time), please do contact me (Rachel) on: to book your session (current available dates below):


Friday 21st April: 11.00-17.00

Friday 28th April: 10.00-17.00

Friday 5th May: 10.00-17.00

Wednesday 10th May: 14.30-18.00

Wednesday 17th May: 14.30-18.00

Friday 19th May: 10.00-17.00

Wednesday 24th May: 14.30-18.00

Friday 26th May: 10.00-17.00


We need as many participants as possible, so please feel free to share this message with anyone you think might be interested in getting involved. If you would like to take part but the above dates are not convenient for you, then please email me and it might be possible to arrange an alternative day/time.




  1. Research Study: Museum Memories


Description: this study is exploring what makes for a memorable museum visit.

Location: Online – this study is a simple online questionnaire, which takes around 20 minutes to complete. You can click on the link below to access the study:

Rachel Hutchinson

Doctoral Researcher

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street

London W1W 6UW

Mar 22

April 25th – Spring Concert – Brandenburg Festival Chorus – U3A Members Event Only

Step into spring … with The Vivaldi Gloria and other beauties!
The concert will be introduced and conducted by Robert Porter, the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London’s Artistic Director. The programme will include a selection of a cappella and organ favourites, and the ever popular Vivaldi Gloria. The Brandenburg Singers is a small hand-picked group drawn from the finest of the members of the 150 choirs that perform in the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London – the largest choral festival in the UK.

Seating is unreserved. There is a maximum of 2 tickets per booking.

Interval refreshments, including wine, available for a modest extra charge

Mar 22

May 1st – West End Sing Out for U3A Members Only!

Working with Louisa Ridgeway.
The Ambassador Theatre Group’s West End Creative Learning team has created this one day bespoke event to bring together up to 150 U3A members from across the UK to enjoy the experience of working together with a professional West End Musical Director.

The group will fill the auditorium of one of our West End Theatres with a series of songs from various West End musicals.  You’ll be taken through a series of warm-up exercises , spend time learning songs, working with the MD on vocal qualities, tone and harmonies in preparation for a recording of the pieces before the end of the day, a CD copy of which will be sent to you after the event.

Previous choir experience and the ability to read music is not necessary and the Sing Out is designed for all abilities and all voices.

The Savoy has various staircases without lifts so please wear comfortable footwear.


10.30am Doors open

11.00am Welcome. Warm up with Louisa Ridgeway and group begins to learn songs

12.45pm Sandwich lunch (included in ticket price)

1.20pm   Group continues working on songs, harmonies and solo lines

2.40pm   Break

2.50pm   Dress rehearsal

3.30pm   Recording of songs

4.00pm   Workshop finishes.

If there are insufficient bookings by 9th April the event will be cancelled and payments returned.


What’s the refund policy?

Should you be unable to attend we cannot refund ticket money unless we are able to offer your place to another U3A member if there is a waiting list.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We will have a list of attendees so do not worry if you do not have your ticket.


Mar 22

Surrey Study Days for April and May 2017

Fri Apr 21st Comfort & Convenience in the Country House
Presented by Professor Marilyn Palmer, U3A Member, Emeritus Professor of Industrial Archaeology, Leicester University
Spaces available
Fri May 19th Signs & Symbols – The Hidden Messages in Paintings
Presented by Val Woodgate

Surrey Network study days are open to members of all U3As in Surrey and the surrounding area. They are held in the Menuhin Hall, Stoke d’Abernon and normally start at 9.30am with registration and finish at 4pm. The fee, including coffee tea and biscuits, is £10, though a visitor who is not a member of a U3A will be charged £12.

Attendees should bring a packed lunch. Prior booking is essential and forms are available at the monthly meetings or from the Surrey Network internet site
There will be no Study Days for the holiday months of July and August.

Mar 13

Dec 9th River Cruise to Strabourg Christmas Market 2017

River Cruise aboard MS Serenity  9 December 2017 (shared holiday with Richmond U3A expressions of interest required by March 30th)
Each winter, the streets and squares of Strasbourg are illuminated with light as Christmas casts its spell on this beautiful French city. With festive stalls spread across several different areas, it is one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets in Europe, and has been voted the best for the last two years running. Before spending the day here, we explore the city of Mannheim, which also hosts its own market, and there’s the chance to join our optional excursion to Heidelberg in the Neckar valley, ensuring you have a truly magical break.
4 DAYS FROM £399
BY COACH Coach travel to the port from your local area Eurotunnel crossing from Folkestone Three nights’ cruise on a full board basis on our 4 star ship.
Day 1: UK – Mainz We travel to Mainz, where the Rhine and Main rivers meet, and enjoy a relaxing evening onboard
Day 2: Mannheim We reach Mannheim in the early morning and have plenty of free time to enjoy the Christmas market. The city is located at the union of the Rhine and the Neckar rivers, and offers lots of sightseeing opportunities; the Mannheim Palace, a stunning baroque structure which now houses the university; the Luisenpark, noted as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe; and the Fernmeldeturm Mannheim, an impressive telecommunication tower complete with observation deck. However, the main attraction during winter months is undoubtedly the Christmas market – one of the largest in southwest Germany! Lunchtime sees us heading off on our optional excursion to Heidelberg for more Christmas markets. We set sail in the early evening, heading towards Strasbourg.
Day 3: Strasbourg Enjoy a full day in the remarkable city of Strasbourg. See the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, a gothic masterpiece; the stunning Kammerzell House which dates back to the 15th century; the Petite France district with its beautiful riverside setting; and the Church of Saint-Thomas, an excellent example of Alsatian gothic art. The Strasbourg Christmas Market is said to be the oldest and largest in Europe, dating back to the 1570s. Voted the Best European Christmas Market for the last two years running, it is spread over 11 areas of the city and features a huge Christmas tree standing at almost 100 feet.
Day 4: Mainz – London We bid farewell to the captain and his crew and set off on the return journey to the UK


Main Deck£399.00
Middle Deck £439.00
Panorama Deck£479.00

Single Occupancy is available at £50% extra cost

Insurance £29.95 through the River Cruise Line

For more details contact Libby Barton
email libby.barton
or telephone 0208 977 9064


Mar 01

London Region Summer School August 1- 3 2017

Please click on the links to see the whole timetable and the booking details.


Feb 12

New Shared Learning Project – Pioneers of Women’s Housing



The early history of Women’s Pioneer Housing

Background: WW1 saw the campaign for equal voting rights with men put on ice. Women instead took on the work men had been doing, jobs it was once thought far beyond the mental and physical capacity of women. Peace came at a price. Wartime casualties had left one in three women with no means of support but millions of women were being laid off to make jobs available to ‘returning heroes’. Those desperate to hold on to their job, or to find work to support themselves, flooded the agencies that had placed women in jobs during the conflict. High on the list of what they desperately needed was a decent place they could call home. Etheldred Browning, an Anglo-Irish suffragist who had recently moved to London, observed that in central London many large houses, designed to function on the back of cheap female labour, now lay empty. Women in the war years had tried alternatives to the badly paid, long hours of domestic drudgery. They weren’t going back to it. Etheldred came up with a plan to buy the houses cheaply and convert them into self-contained flats for women. Her tenants could decorate them to their own tastes, the rents would be moderate and there’d be no silly bars on visitors. Despite some very hairy moments, the new ‘Women’s PIoneer Housing’ proved a success with the active support of a network of veterans from the women’s suffrage movement. Old records recently found in Women’s Pioneer’s safe read like a Who’s Who of the suffragist movement, spanning Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. They reveal too that the women who supported her project or were housed or employed by it, included some of the first to qualify in professions where women are now accepted as the norm. What we have found is a forgotten chapter in suffrage history that shows how the suffragists turned skills honed campaigning for the vote to another practical purpose, helping protect and progress advances women were making in the workplace. We have a cracking story to tell but need help properly researching it.

The project: We need help:

  • reading through archive material to draw up an accurate record of who did what and when. The material will be digitally scanned so this can be done on a computer at home.
  • researching individual women to find out more about their lives, specifically: their family background, their education/training, the work they did (paid or unpaid) up to and during the 1920s/30s. A lot of this can be done at home using geneology websites (we’re paying for the subscription) or at the Women’s Library, National Archives, university archives or from online archive material provided by trade bodies. Photos would be a huge plus.
  • researching one or more professions that opened up to women post-WW1 or that changed significantly (new technology/materials or much tighter professional standards). What factors helped or hindered women’s progress (for example new laws) and how was the contribution of women valued and rewarded compared with that of men. Again archives, universities and trade bodies may help. Family anecdotes welcome!

You should apply if:

  • you are interested in the suffrage movement and/or a period of British history that spans the final years of the struggle for Irish independence, world war one and interwar politics
  • you are comfortable using the internet and are up to the challenge of trying to get information from geneology websites, where names are often misspelt or a search one day will throw up information that failed, using exactly the same tactics, the day before
  • you enjoy detective work, making discoveries and joining the dots in a complex puzzle
  • you have time to spare for our project during April, May and June
  • you can attend two meetings in April (dates to be decided)
  • you are willing to produce reports detailing what you found and where, including full details of your sources and who, if anyone, is to be credited for information and/or images.

Venues: The first meeting will be held at Women’s Pioneer’s offices in White City at 227 Wood Lane, London W12 0EX (nearest tube station is White City, Central line). The second will be held at the Women’s Library at the London School of Economics, 10 Portugal Street, Holborn, London WC2A 2HD (nearest tube is Holborn, Central and Piccadilly lines). Additional research may need to be done at the National Archives (Richmond Road, Twickenham TW9 (nearest station: Kew Gardens overground), the British Library and
Royal Holloway/University of London. Most other research can be done online.

Questions and applications by Tuesday 28 February or earlier to:

Lisa Thompson 01732 750 433 Or text 07885 519 117

Jo Walters 01689 854880. Or text 07713916620

Dionne Antrobus 020 8749 7112

Pioneers of Women’s Housing SLP

Nov 27

SLP with Royal Holloway, Univ. of London – Citizens: 800 Years in the Making

Citizens: 800 Years in the making: exploring the history of
liberty, protest, power and rebellion

Citizens is a three year project being run by Royal Holloway which will launch in January 2017. The aim is to create a website that explores the history of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform from Magna Carta to the Suffragettes and beyond. This site, promoted especially to teachers and school pupils, will help visitors understand and learn how and why people’s rights and their relationship with the state has changed; how people have challenged authority; how governments have responded to such challenges; and how Parliament and parliamentary democracy have evolved. With your help, Royal Holloway plans to identify, map and share the stories, discovered by U3A members, to build up a picture of how communities have contributed to our democratic heritage.

U3A members will be playing a vital role, highlighting local stories, figures, movements. Here in London, for example, members will look at the relevant history of a particular borough which has contributed to this eight century long struggle to define, defend and extend rights and liberty. Here in Battersea, you may like to research the Putney Debates or the central role Battersea played in the early days of British Socialism – for example,names such as Charlotte Despard, John Burns and John Archer.

This is a more flexible form of Shared Learning Project than we have been used to in London as members will be asked to work in small, local groups or on their own on their chosen topic and then come together for meetings every eight weeks when they can discuss their progress and raise any questions. The meetings will be held at Senate House, University of London National Archives in Kew, and the first briefing meeting will be on Monday 16th January 2017.

If the project interests you but you would like some suggestions as to research topics, please sign up and come along to the first meeting to hear Dr. Matthew Smith’s proposals. Matthew will also be able to give you a letter of introduction to your local museum. If you haven’t found anyone with whom to work, come and find a group you can join. If you are at all interested or have any queries, please email Jennifer Anning, the U3A Co-ordinator of the project.

Please click on link below for more information


Jennifer Anning, National SLP Co-ordinator

Nov 27

The Beautiful Lake District 17th – 21st Sept 2017 – Final Booking Date Approaches!

Day 1: We board our Executive coach at the four pick-up points in the Kingston area and make our journey north for our lunch stop at Moseley Old Hall (NT) – an atmospheric Elizabethan farmhouse that saved a King. Find out about the dramatic story of King Charles II hiding from Cromwell’s troops after he fled the Battle of Worcester in 1651. After lunch we continue to Cumbria where we check into our 3* AA Cumbria Grand Hotel at Grange over Sands for four nights on half-board basis.

Day 2: Today is dedicated to a guided tour of the stunning Lake District. We will visit many areas of outstanding beauty and small villages, steeped in character and history: Hawkshead and Beatrix Potter Gallery (NT) and Hilltop (NT), Beatrix Potter’s 17th century farmhouse, Grasmere and 400 year

old Dove Cottage, once home of the famous poet William Wordworth.

Day 3: This morning we will board the Windermere Lake Cruise for a 40 minute cruise to Bowness. After lunch we visit Holker Hall & Gardens, the family home of Lord and Lady Cavendish. This is a delightful family home with fine displays of antique furniture and art.

Day 4: Today we start by visiting Kendal with its many historical buildings, castles, bridges and a street market on a Wednesday. In the afternoon we visit Sizergh Castle and Gardens (NT).

Day 5: This morning we check out of the hotel and on our way home we stop at Leighton Hall. Stepping inside this house is like taking a step back in time, but it still retains the atmosphere of a family home. An enthusiastic guide will reveal the Gillow Reynolds’ family history and habits. Each room from the Gothic Hall to the principle bedroom and the charming library has some interesting secret to reveal or tale to tell. Why is there a lock of James II’s hair in the Drawing room, and why is the table in the hall shaped like a daisy? A light lunch is included here before we retrace our steps homeward.

Date: 17th – 21st September 2017

8.30 am. – Kingston, High Street,

opposite The Rose Theatre 8.40 am. – Surbiton, outside

Coronation Hall Pub
8.50 am. – Surbiton, Ewell Road, Bus

stop ‘Telephone Exchange’ 9.00 am. – Tolworth – Bus stop ‘J

Princes Avenue’ – outside ‘Our Lady Immaculate’

Cost: £499.00 pp Half-board, sharing a twin/double bedroom

Included: All entrance fees (except to NT properties) plus 1 light lunch on day 5

Single room Supplement: £39.00 (4 nights)

Deposit: £85.00 pp (non-refundable) Balance due by 04.08.2017

Travel Insurance: £30.00 (No upper age limit – conditions apply)
For a detailed booking form please complete the attached application form and send it together with a stamped addressed envelope – not too small, please – to Gisela Zürcher-Feiß, 37, The Byeways, Surbiton KT5 8HT – Phone 020 8399 4990

If you do not give an email address please enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.

The beautiful Lake Distric application form

Jan 13

Feb 21st U3A Study Day:How shopping & shops have changed locally in 50years

Tuesday,February 21st 10.30 – 3.30

Speakers have been invited from Ely’s, John Lewis, Bentalls and

Tudor Williams. There will be a display and a report from a Shared Learning Project looking at the same topic, with historical pictures and records of memo- ries of our areas.
Venue; Richard Mayo Hall, United Re- formed Church, Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames.

Cost £8: includes tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival and free fin- ger food light
buffet lunch !
Send your cheque, for £8, made payable to Richmond U3A and say which U3A you are in, plus your name and email
to: Jen Cobb,
286 Merton Rd, SW18 5JN You must enclose a s.a.e for confirmation if no email ad- dress!

Tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival for registration from 10.30 t0 11am. Session starts 11 a.m and finishes 3.30p.m.

Please cut out the form below and send it to the address above .

I would like to attend the study Day on February 21st. I am enclosing a cheque for £8 payable to Richmond U3A. My U3A is…………………………………………..
My name is……………………………………………………………………………………………………. My dietary requirements are……………………………………………………………………………. My phone number is………………………………………………………………………………………. My email is…………………………………………………….Or I am enclosing a SAE.