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3rd Sept Monthly Meeting – Journey into the Mind by Alan Wise

 We are going on a ‘Journey into the Mind’ given by Alan Wise who is a qualified Health Psychologist with many years experience in both the NHS and private sectors. He has also appeared as an expert witness in court cases involving victims of road crashes and industrial accidents. He promises us an insight into the problems of the mind.

2nd Oct Monthly Meeting – Lawrence of Arabia

Exactly 100 years to the day after T.E.Lawrence, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, captured Damascus, we welcome Alan Wakefield, Head of First World War and Early Twentieth Century Conflict at the Imperial War Museum, to take us back to that time and all it involved.

5th Nov Monthly Meeting – The Unknown Warrior 100 Years after WW1

5th November: It’s remembrance time, and 100 years after the end of the First World War we focus on the concept and realisation of the grave of the Unknown Warrior, which is in Westminster Abbey. Who had the idea, how it was approved and organised and how the body was selected and transported. The speaker does not charge a fee and we will be giving a donation to the charity of his choice. Perhaps people would like to wear their poppies at this meeting.

2nd July Monthly Meeting – New Event – Kingston U3A Speaks !

On July 2nd we have a new event, “Kingston U3A Speaks” for which our members are the speakers. For this first time, which we hope will be repeated every year, we have two members who are going to talk to us. The first is Sara Onions whose title is “Don’t Bring Lulu” – her family’s tale of trial and triumph – the story of a top TV newsman and his family. She will be followed by Anne Ely who will tell us about “The Sino-British Fellowship Trust – a history”.

Please arrive well in time for our speakers to start at 2pm, bring your membership card, as visitors are not eligible to attend, and enjoy meeting other members and hearing the talks followed by tea and biscuits.