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Apr 13

King’s College London: research projects -Looking for Volunteers!

King’s College London: research projects
Two PhD students, Yi-Jia Lin and Viktoria Azoidou, of King’s College London are looking for people to take part in two studies.
Study 1: Investigation into our ability to perform two tasks at the same time and whether this changes with age, sleep, physical activity levels or cognitive ability. Older age may have an impact on the ability to divide our attention between specific tasks – such as walking and talking simultaneously. Problems with this are associated with impaired balance and the risk of falls.
What you will have to do
 Complete a short screening questionnaire.
 Attend the research laboratory at the Centre for Human and Applied Physiological Sciences, Guy’s Campus at King’s College London for a single-test session which will last about two hours.
Further information and participation: Contact Viktoria Azoidou at or phone her on 020 7848 6679.
Study 2: Investigation into the effect of two different 16-week balance rehabilitation classes, walking ability and cognitive function.
To participate, you must:
 be over 65
 have fallen or be concerned about falling
 not have a neurological disorder (eg stroke)
 not have any acute medical issues that limit your ability to participate in an exercise programme
 be able to attend a weekly, free exercise class
Further information and participation: Contact Yi-Jia Lin at Please check U3A’s disclaimer before you take part in any research.