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Jan 21

16th March U3A Explores Science at the RI

Join U3A members and explore science through a variety of fascinating talks.


1.15pm Audience arrives

1.45pm Introduction by Martin Davies, Public Programme Manager, Royal Institution.

Zoe Griffiths : Outrageous statistics: Sex, lies and surveys

In this talk Zoe will explore the outrageous conclusions that we can reach by doing statistics badly. Expect a humorous journey through the subject area and the chance to take part in live statistical experiments. We’ll learn how to misrepresent data, how to conduct surveys poorly and how not to communicate statistics in the news. This talk is your chance to do some very bad statistics yourself and also learn how to avoid these classic pitfalls.

2.20pm Question and answer session (15 minutes)

2.35pm Susan Stepney: Can a slime mould compute?

If you have a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you have used a computer. But some people use billiard balls, beams of light, sticks of wood, chemicals, bacteria, slime moulds, spaghetti, even black holes, as computers (although some of these only in theory!). How can these things be computers? What can they do? Can they do things your smartphone can’t? And why are these people using such peculiar things to compute with, anyway?

3.10pm Question and answer session (15 minutes)

3.25pm Tea and coffee (30 minutes)

3.55pm Speaker 3 TBC

4.30pm Question and answer session (15 minutes)

4.45pm Thanks and close of meeting