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Shared Learning Projects – Explanation !

If you are interested in research and want to work with other people on topics that interest you, then a Shared Learning Project could be the thing for you.

These Projects are agreed with an organization or institute (such as a museum, art gallery, library, stately home or charity) and focus on activity that will be stimulating to the participants and of benefit to the institution involved.   Projects may also be set up by U3As together to explore a local theme or topic.

Since they started 12 years ago, London Region members have participated in over 50 projects in partnership with a variety of organizations from the British Film Institute to the Foundling Museum. Subjects have included nursing, family and social history, education, archeology, natural history and historic buildings. A list indicating range of projects undertaken can be found on the U3A national website.   Research subjects have included social and local history, archaeology, natural history, music and literature.  There have also been some evaluation projects. A list indicating the range of projects undertaken can be found on the U3A national website

The projects last for twelve weeks and a group of twelve or so people are recruited from U3As across London to work together. Members of the team carry out agreed research individually or in pairs and meet fortnightly to share their work. There is usually a presentation at the end and the outcome of the work is written up as a report or leaflet or sometimes the material is placed on a website.  

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