Membership / Registration

To join Kingston U3A please print out and complete the Application Form on the left (in block capitals please) and send your payment  either via online banking or by cheque. If paying by cheque please add 40p as this is the bank charge for every cheque presented.

 The membership year runs from October 1st to September 30th.  New Members joining after March 31st pay 50% of the annual membership. New members joining after July 31st pay the full amount and we will credit your membership to September 30th of the following year

No reduction in the fee is made if you are a member of another U3A.
Forms for renewing existing membership and applying for new membership can be printed using the links below.
The forms below are in either word or pdf format but otherwise exactly the same.  We have put both file formats here as some members are having difficultly with the appearance of the forms on there particular ipad or version of Office.
Kingston u3a How we work 2024
Membership and Renewal Forms come in either pdf or word options
KuT u3a Membership application form 2024-04-06 PDF
KuT u3a Membership application form 2024-04-19
KuT u3a Membership renewal form 2024-04-06 PDF
KuT u3a Membership renewal form 2024-04-06