Groups and How They Work

We have nearly 80 groups on a wide range of interests currently running.  These are set up and run by members of the U3A themselves.

New members can find out more at the “New Members Meetings” run at least quarterly. We hope you may feel inclined to share your  expertise and make suggestions for new groups or see where spaces are available in existing groups.

Groups are generally free; when tea and coffee are provided it is customary to pay 50p to the host.

A few of the larger groups such as painting,  orchestra and choir do hire larger premises and in some cases paid help from a tutor, conductor or choir master and the costs are then shared amongst the members.

Guidance on Running a Group

Keeping Records

When running a Group it is important that you keep a list of members. Include: their name, address, telephone number(s) e-mail (if appropriate) and their membership Number.

In addition, the telephone number of a person to be contacted in case a member is taken ill or has an accident.

Keep the records how you wish, include yourself, and give a copy to at least one other member of your group.  Suitable forms  are available from the Group Co-ordinators.  A summary of the insurance  cover  provided for U3A members is also available.

Every year please ensure each member of your Group has a current membership card:  the colour changes after October 1st .

Waiting List

If there are members wanting to join your Group when it is full; make a  note of their names and telephone numbers, then, if a vacancy occurs invite them to join.  If there are three or more names please let the Group Co-ordinators know, as it may be possible to form a new Group.


Once a Group is up and running  the members should collectively pay for any expenditure made on its behalf.  However, start-up expenses e.g. telephone calls (10p per call), photocopying, postage, etc. should be claimed from the Kingston U3A Treasurer.

When tea or coffee is provided it is customary for each member to pay 50p to the host.

P.S. If your Group closes and you have items that may be of use to another group kindly inform the Group Co-ordinators.

IGP/April 2012

Summary of insurance cover provided for you by the Third Age Trust

Background information.

The cover will indemnify all U3A members against any claims which you could become legally liable to pay as a result of accidental injury to any person. It also covers accidental loss or damage to property including a U3A host’s house which arises or is caused in connection with the ‘business’ of the U3A.

For more information click on the link (updated 7/2018)       Insurance_advice_sheet-1 v2

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