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Women in History


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Day & Times:

2nd Tuesday 10.30am

Frequency & Venue:

Monthly Vacancies



Tracing famous or influential women and how they influence and affect their times.  Concentrating initially on British examples but interested in expanding into other cultures.

Topics 2019

July                 Women of the East End   a guided walk

June               Gender and Religion

May                 4 Short talks on leading Women Authors

April                Dr James Miranda Steuart Barry  (1789- 1865)   Female Doctor Served in the Navy rising to  Senior Rank posing as a man

Dr James Barry_v2



Jan 8th             Lady Woodward’s Tablecloth (follow up from SLP on Woman’s Pioneer Housing)

Topics 2018    (Some talks have been uploaded for the benefit of those who missed the Meeting)

July    10th        Empress Livia

June   12th        Catherine the Great

May     8th         Women Scientists 10 min talks  – this may continue over two sessions

April  10th         Roehampton University talk

March  6th        Ellen Wilkinson  (N.B. this is out of sequence because of a U3A National Art Event)

Ellen Wilkinson- edited final

Ellen Wilkinson-final

Feb      13th       Margaret Beaufort


Jan       8th        Mary Stuart/Stewart

Topics 2017

Dec  12th    Poem or Music for Christmas

Nov 7th      The Amazons- myth and reality

Oct  10th     Woman from your Profession

Sept 12th    Pornography project

August 8th Clemence  Royer

July 11th     Marilyn Monroe

June 13th    Woman of your choice for 10min slot Pt 2

May 9th      The WRENS

April 11th     Louise Michelle –  Communard

March 14th Woman of your choice for 10min slot Pt 1

Feb 7th        Gertrude Jeykll

Jan 10th      Women in British Empire  Africa


Topics 2016

Oct  11th     Woman and the British Empire

Sept 13th    Rachel Carson

July 12th    Family memories of the British Empire

June 14th  Hannah Moore

May    10th  The Fawcett Library and The Women’s Library  (Visit)

April   12th  Camille Claudel

March 8th   Eleanor Marx

Feb      9th   Hannah Cullwick

Jan    12th    Roxanna and the Ottoman Court

Topics 2015

Dec  8th          Celebration

Nov 10th        Actresses – Nell Gwynn

Oct 13th          Women and Poetry (choose your own example)

Sept 8th          Women and Music (choose your own example)

Aug   11th        Marie Antoinette

July    14th      American Women Slaves

June   9th        Madame de Lafayette

May     12th      Ada Lovelace

April    14th      Simone de Beauvoir

March 10th      Deborah Duchess of Devonshire

Feb       10th      Vera Brittan

Jan      13th       Women painters

Topics  2014
Dec                  Poems and Mince Pies
Nov                  Rosa Luxembourg
Oct                   Emily Dickinson
Sept                 Mary Magdalene
August            Maya Angelou/Kate Millet
June                Daughter of Alfred the Great
April                Joan of Arc
March             Gertrude Bell
Feb                  Women Artists of the 18th Century
Jan                  Mary Wollstonecraft
Previous Topics in 2013
Feb            Boudica
March       Medea  (Theatre  and Opera Visits to see this in production)
April          No Meeting
May           Julian of Norwich
June          Golda Meir
July            Mary Tudor
Aug            The Temperance Movement  (Lady Henry Somerset, Frances Willard =etc.)
Sept           Matilda Wife of William the Conqueror
Oct             Elizabeth Fry and Octavia Hill  (Walk on the topic of Quakers in the City of London 1660 – 1850)
Nov            Women of the Wars of the Roses  Elizabeth Woodville,  Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York
Dec            The Virgin Mary