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Mar 13

Cleaning Silver – More Information Following Our Monthly Meeting Talk on Silver

Some questions followed the talk on how best to preserve and clean silver and these are  the web links sent by Dr Kirstin Kennedy from the V & A.

Dear Elinor,

Thank you for taking the trouble to pass on these kind comments, I’m really so glad your audience enjoyed the talk.
I must say I rather enjoyed giving it (and while I am looking forward to savouring the bottle of wine you generously gave me on a special occasion, it is nice to be able to enjoy the coasters every day! – I am very protective of my “mid-century modern” dining table!)
Apologies about the size of some of the slides – so difficult to tell when loading them on the small screen what they will be like on the big screen. (Oh for the days of real slides…)
I am not very used to handling a mike, and clearly my attempts to strike a balance between booming and pleasantly audible didn’t always work. Maybe one solution is simply to tell your next speaker to arrive in time for a warm-up, so he/she can get used to it, and you can check the decibels from the back of the hall.
Just a post-script to a couple of questions I was asked … you wanted to know about regimental silver.  A colleague suggests contacting the National Army Museum, who now look after all the regimental museums:
And a lady asked about cleaning silver: this is the link to the page on the practical side of the subject written by our conservators:

Many thanks again for cheering up my Friday!