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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Oct 22

6th Nov – Ataturk : Greatest Nation Builder of Modern Times – London Network/ Zoom Talk

November Monday 6 th 17.30-18.30 Log on from 17.00 Alan Freeland: Atatürk–The Greatest Nation Builder of Modern Times As first President of Turkey 1923-28, Atatürk transformed the decaying Ottoman Empire into the modern country of Turkey. In so doing he had to win a civil war and successfully take on the might of the victorious allies in the first world war. A democrat at heart but an autocrat by pragmatism, his approach was a role model for countries seeking to overthrow imperialism and has scary echoes in today’s leaders. He was also a world leader in enfranchisement of women and also in education. He is the only person to have a UNESCO Centenary year – Justified on the grounds that Ataturk was an eminent personality who worked for international understanding, co-operation, and peace and is as an example for future generations.

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Oct 22

4th Dec – Write it Down! Letters and Diaries from the Famous and not so Well Known. London Network/Zoom Talk

December Monday 4 th 17.30-18.30 Log on from 17.00 Jo Livingston: Write it down! We enjoy reading letters and diaries from the past but someone has to write them in the first place. This talk looks at personal writing from the famous (e.g. Pepys, Jane Austen…) and not so famous (Anne Lister, George Canning and family…) and explores why they were written, whether they were intended to survive and what chance or design has allowed us or prevented us from reading them. It also looks at Mass Observation and a general encouragement to write for your descendants. Jo is a member of Bexley u3a and has given many talks about London and a variety of other subjects to most London U3As, and recently also to other groups across the UK, thanks to Zoom. In an earlier life she was a librarian and later taught basic IT skills to adults who’d missed out on it at work. She is the u3a Subject Adviser for Living History (life stories, oral histories).

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