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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Apr 26

How Do We Remember Where We Look and the Objects We Have Seen?” Kingston Univ. Study looking for some Participants.

My name is Zoë McHayle and I am a second year PhD Psychology student from Kingston University. I will be conducting an experiment investigating visuospatial working memory and how this changes as we age. Research has already found that cognitive abilities such as planning, memory for future events, verbal knowledge and empathy all improve with age.

My study involves the latest technology in eye tracking and consists of cognitive, IQ and a visuospatial working memory tasks. I am recruiting healthy retired/semi-retired adults aged 65-80 years for this study. Ideally, participants will be right-handed and have normal or corrected to normal vision, and will not have a history of falling, psychosis or brain damage.

Participants will be provided with refreshments and will have their travel expenses reimbursed. Those who take part will also be entered into a prize draw where they will have the opportunity to win a £20 voucher for Patisserie Valerie.

This study will take place at Kingston University at the Penhyrn Road Campus from 3rd May 2017 to the 1st September 2017. If you require more information and would like to take part in this study please email me at and I will be happy to give you further details on the design of the study.

Apr 10

June 14th National Gallery U3A Study Day – First Impressions (French Impressionism)

The National Gallery is delighted to be hosting a U3A study day focusing on French Impressionism.  Learn about the techniques and subject matter of Impressionist paintings in the National Gallery collection and discover why these ground-breaking paintings of modern life were so controversial in France during the Belle Époque.

Join National Gallery experts for a day of talks exploring Impressionism in France c.1874-1926, from Monet, Degas and Renoir’s contributions to the first Impressionist exhibition to Monet’s Water Lilies series, painted during the final years of his life.

Be dazzled by the light, colour and spontaneity of Impressionism at a day of talks at The National Gallery

£20.50 (lunches & refreshments not provided)


Apr 10

Research Study 1: Examining the Impact of a Museum Exhibition on the Visitor – Volunteers Wanted

Location: the Museum of London

Description: A team of cognitive psychologists from the University of Westminster, access specialists and Museum interpretation professionals are working together to explore different ways of presenting artworks. This project is grounded in the growing understanding that exploring the ways in which museum visitors ‘receive’ an exhibition or permanent display is crucial to the development of optimum museum provisions for all.

Participation: The study takes place at the Museum of London, where the Leaning Department have kindly provided dedicated space for the study to be run. Participants in the study will simply experience an ‘exhibition’ of photos from the Museum’s archives, and they will then be asked to complete a questionnaire about the experience (all carried out at the Museum of London). Participation in this first part would take approximately 30-60 minutes (including viewing the exhibition).

For part two, we simply ask you to fill out an online questionnaire, which would be emailed to you 1 month later, with some follow-up questions.

This study will provide important insight to museum professionals and curatorial staff about what helps to provide a positive experience in the Museum. Your participation will be invaluable in helping us to provide useful information to the sector.

How to take part: if you would like to take part (we can test up to two people at one time), please do contact me (Rachel) on: to book your session (current available dates below):


Friday 21st April: 11.00-17.00

Friday 28th April: 10.00-17.00

Friday 5th May: 10.00-17.00

Wednesday 10th May: 14.30-18.00

Wednesday 17th May: 14.30-18.00

Friday 19th May: 10.00-17.00

Wednesday 24th May: 14.30-18.00

Friday 26th May: 10.00-17.00


We need as many participants as possible, so please feel free to share this message with anyone you think might be interested in getting involved. If you would like to take part but the above dates are not convenient for you, then please email me and it might be possible to arrange an alternative day/time.




  1. Research Study: Museum Memories


Description: this study is exploring what makes for a memorable museum visit.

Location: Online – this study is a simple online questionnaire, which takes around 20 minutes to complete. You can click on the link below to access the study:

Rachel Hutchinson

Doctoral Researcher

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street

London W1W 6UW