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May 18

Channel 4 – Like to be involved in a Community Project Utilising the Skills of the Retired?

We are currently casting for a new channel 4 television series which will be presented by Mary Portas and we are looking for retired, senior citizens to take part and get involved in exciting new projects around the community, and share their experiences and skills.

We want to bring together a group of talented retired people who can use their skills for the benefit of their community, who live in and around London, and who perhaps are itching to get involved in a new project and meet new people.

From Catering to Gardening, DIY to Hairdressing, it doesn’t matter what people have done for a living they can all be a part of ‘The Agency’.

It is very clear that the U3A is a great place to pass on this message, and so we would be grateful if this information and our attached leaflet (with more details and information on how to contact us) could be circulated amongst your members at the Kingston society? Do you have a mailing list it could be sent to? Or a Newsletter? Or simply are able to call and spread the word in some way? Even if there is just one member of your committee who you think might be interested, it would be great to get this message to them in someway. We are working under fairly tight time constraints, so the sooner the better really!

We are really keen to hear from all sorts of senior citizens with a variety experiences, skills and stories.

Hopefully this is something you can help us with. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch, I’d be happy to explain this further.


Plum Pictures, 33 Oval Rd, Camden, London NW1 7EA

Direct Line: 020 7184 6775