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Jul 23

Channel 4 Request Our Help Yet Again!

Dear U3A,

Many thanks for your help the past few months in passing on the information about our new show with Mary Portas.We are in our final casting process and particularly looking to speak with retired hairdressers/beauticians, and entertainers such as musicians, comedians, clowns, or those with any other performance skills.

As I am sure you are aware this series is all about challenging ageism. We have set up a pop-up recruitment agency purely for retired people to prove that the skills and experiences a person has gained throughout their life do not suddenly vanish with retirement. We hope our programme will illustrate the untapped potential and skills that exist in the currently retired workforce, but also challenge the idea that once you retire you have no further use and belong on the scrapheap!

Kind Regards,


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Direct Line: 020 7184 6723

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