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Oct 21

HOST – Welcoming International Students for Brief Cultural Visits

HOST is a well-established charity which organises visits by young, inter- national university students to volun- teer families in the UK. Having a well-educated younger person from another part of the world visit you for a day, a weekend, or over Christmas, is an ideal way of exchanging ideas about your respective cultures. It’s an opportunity to take a pride in our own country and to understand more about another one, while showing kindness to someone far from home. It’s also great fun.

If you’re not sure about doing this on your own, why not get together with another U3A member and make a great international weekend of it? To find out more, please see or call HOST 020 7739 6292.

Note from Ed: Friends of mine have been happily hosting foreign students for many years, making firm friend- ships in the process. They have re- cently returned from the Far East having been invited to the wedding of one such student.

Please see
or call local organiser Eric Songhurst on 01132 607270.