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Apr 26

How Do We Remember Where We Look and the Objects We Have Seen?” Kingston Univ. Study looking for some Participants.

My name is Zoë McHayle and I am a second year PhD Psychology student from Kingston University. I will be conducting an experiment investigating visuospatial working memory and how this changes as we age. Research has already found that cognitive abilities such as planning, memory for future events, verbal knowledge and empathy all improve with age.

My study involves the latest technology in eye tracking and consists of cognitive, IQ and a visuospatial working memory tasks. I am recruiting healthy retired/semi-retired adults aged 65-80 years for this study. Ideally, participants will be right-handed and have normal or corrected to normal vision, and will not have a history of falling, psychosis or brain damage.

Participants will be provided with refreshments and will have their travel expenses reimbursed. Those who take part will also be entered into a prize draw where they will have the opportunity to win a £20 voucher for Patisserie Valerie.

This study will take place at Kingston University at the Penhyrn Road Campus from 3rd May 2017 to the 1st September 2017. If you require more information and would like to take part in this study please email me at and I will be happy to give you further details on the design of the study.