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Jan 15

Royal Holloway Citizens 800 SLP Research Days

As part of Citizens 800 project, Royal Holloway have arranged a series of Research Retreat Days.

30th January – Suffragette Militancy.
27th February – Peterloo Rediscovered.
10th April – Chartism 180.
8th May – The Great Unrest.
26th June – Peers vs the People.
?? July TBC – The Home Rule Crisis.

Citizens project Shared Learning Projects

For phase two of the Citizens project’s Shared Learning Projects we are hosting a series of Research Retreats where members of the U3A can help us delve into the archives to help us examine key milestones in the history of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform. Most Research Retreats will be held at Royal Holloway’s campus in London and more dates will be added, so please do check back from time to time for updates.

Research Retreat Example

On 7th November 2018 a small group of U3A volunteers joined us at Royal Holloway to delve into the British Newspaper Archive to plot reports in March 1913 of ‘Suffragette Outrages’. The resulting Google My Map now features in our online course with the UK Parliament, Beyond the Ballot, and will later be added to our resources for schools. Click on the map to explore our research.

Here is a snippet from one of the reports featured:

Bomb discovered in Dublin Theatre: The bomb at the Empire Theatre was set to explode during a busy Saturday matinee performance when hundreds of people were in the building. The bomb was discovered moments before the lit fuse could reach the explosive material. Marcella M’Gurk (aged 25) was arrested in connection with the bomb. The bomb was made of a canister filled with 42 rounds of lead bullets, packed with paraffin-soaked cotton wads and with a cotton fuse. A note was discovered with the device saying ‘Votes for Women, Life and Property not safe til we get it’.

Reported in the Irish Independent on Monday 12th May 1913.

Suffragette militancy map