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Aug 08

Volunteers for Research in Measuring White Blood Cell Survival

Volunteers sought for participation in a Research Study Measuring white cell survival in vivo using heavy water labelling

 We are looking for volunteers to help us with a research study investigating how the body uses white cells to defend against infections

 What does it involve?

This study involves three things:

  • A screening visit where we ask some questions and take a blood samples
  • Drinking some “labelled” water which enables us to trace new white cells when they are made. You can do this at home. It is tasteless and harmless.
  •  A series of blood tests over a four month period.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are at least 60 years old and in good general health

Are there any benefits?

This is not a treatment – it is an investigation – but it will help us understand the immune system better. It is not commercially funded and does not involve any drug administration.

We make a payment of £20 for the screening visit and £150 to cover your time and expenses if you take part in the whole study.

Interested in helping?    Who do I contact?

For more information, contact me:

Raya Ahmed

St George’s, University of London

Cranmer Terrace, London SW17 0RE

Tel: 0208 725 5646


Derek Macallan

Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine

St George’s, University of London,

Cranmer Terrace, London SW17 0RE

Tel: 0208 725 0283; Fax: 0208 725 3487


This study is funded by the Medical Research Council and has been approved by the National Research Ethics Committee London (Chelsea).