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May 22

Online Talks from the National U3A – on a Variety of Topics (Apologies for odd typos on this page)

           How to Get Published: Some Practical Advice

        How to Get Published: Some Practical Advice

Join                    Alysoun Owen, Editor of Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook         

for a talk on how to get published

Mon 6th June at 2pm

Free – Online via Zoom

        Laughter Yoga Series

Laughter Yoga Workshops – New Sessions!

Judith Walker, Edinburgh u3a, on the 2nd Wed of every month

Monthly, 2nd Wednesday at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

Post-War Blues

Post-War Blues

Lee Wellbrook of Ilkley & District u3a for this 4-part series

Thursdays in June at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom


                    Mindfulness & Meditiation

        u3a Mindfulness & Meditation Series

A 6-                  course exploring different aspects of mindfulness,

with  John & Mike of Sheffield u3a

Thursdays in June & July – 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

      'What will it really take to deal with climate change?'

      ‘ What will it really take to deal with climate change?’

Mike Berners-Lee, hosts an open meeting with a talk and Q&A

Friday 24th June at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

             Book Groups Discussion forum 2nd meeting

                   Book Groups Discussion Forum – 2nd meeting

book group leaders to talk about how to run your group.

Friday 22nd July at 2pm

Free – Online via Zoom

       Secret History: Deciphering Disinformation

        Secret History: Deciphering Disinformation 

Steven Davis tells the untold truths of these shocking cover-ups

Thurs 14th July at 2pm

Free – Online via Zoom

          Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

!             Leigh Edwards,  to discover the tech behind AI

Fri 1st July at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

                                 40th Anniversary Edition - Picnic in the Park - Live Cookery Demonstration

    40th Anniversary Science Network –  Meeting 

A science-based learning event with 3 presentations

Tuesday 26th July 10.30am

Free – Online via Zoom 


Apr 04

U3A 40th Anniversary Woodland Trees Project

A bequest from a long time Kingston U3A member of £100.00 was donated to the National U3A to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the U3A in the UK. The project we chose to support was Woodland Tree Planting and if you click on the link below you can see our Certificate of Donation.

Certificate of

Your Role in Woodland 2022

This is to certify that

Kingston u3a

planted a total of




4 / 2 / 22

Liz Thackray Chair Third Age Trust

Mar 22

National U3A 40th Anniversary Events Programme 2022

Anniversary Quilt Competition

The 40th Anniversary quilt competition was launched for members to create blocks for a quilt on the topic of Positive Ageing. The Anniversary Quilt competition has been judged and 40 squares on the topic of Positive Ageing have been selected for the quilt which we hope will be revealed on as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Find out more

Picnic in the Park | June 2022

Over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, u3as are encouraged to hold picnics to celebrate not just the Queen’s Jubilee and the Green Canopy but also our 40th Anniversary. We hope to make a splash with the reveal of the Anniversary Quilt at this time.

Find out more

U3a Science Network webinar | July 2022

The u3a Science Network will host an anniversary meeting, Futures, Foresight and Horizon scanning, in July which we hope will be open to the public as well as to u3a members. There are plans to attract an eminent scientist to open the July science network meeting. Two additional meetings for u3a members will be held during 2022, in April and October.

Find out more

Conference on Research and Shared Learning | July/August 2022

Conference featuring a wide range of topics and sessions about u3a Research and Shared Learning. A planning meeting in January will decide on the projects to be included and we are seeking a significant scientist to open the meeting.

Find out more

One Foot in the Future | September /October 2022

The aim of this project is to engage older people from across the UK in telling real or imagined stories about older people taking positive steps to make a better future for themselves and others. Themes are all about Reimagining the Future in Older Age, raising awareness of the u3a movement as well as the fun you can have as you get older.

Find out more

A week-long celebration of u3a | September 2022

Hundreds of members took part last year in the first ever u3a Day – an annual event showcasing the activity, learning and fun which takes place across the movement every day. u3a members wanted to extend this annual event and showcase positive ageing over a whole week. In 2022, our 40th anniversary, our u3a Week will take place between 17 and 26 September – come and join us as members across the UK hold events and demonstrate just what u3a is all about. u3a Week will showcase members’ lived experience of what it means to have a good later life.

Mar 22

Learn, laugh, live London Region of U3As SUMMER SCHOOL 26th & 27th JULY 2022

Summer School

St Bride Foundation Institute, 14 Bride Lane (off Fleet Street), London EC4Y 8EQ (Easy access: 5 minutes from Blackfriars underground station or City Thames Link)


A popular non-residential event for u3a members only

This year’s general theme: ‘London – past, present and future’

Activities will include 18 talks, 3 workshops and 8 guided walks. Wide range of subjects including Art, Current Affairs, History, Literature/Drama, Music, Sciences, Social Studies and Travel

£39 per day including refreshments and cold buffet lunch You can choose to attend for one or both days

Full programme and application forms will be available from early April

See Events page of London Region website For enquiries, contact Catherine Ware at

Registered Charity Number 1186441

Dec 29

National U3A – a Variety of Talks Online – Jan to March 2022

Many online events are being delivered via the Zoom video conferencing/webinar platform. We have some ‘How to Guides‘ and are offering ‘Online Tutorials‘  for using Zoom that may assist you if you are not familiar with this tool.

Click on the link to book onto any of these talks


Exploring World Faiths

NEW TALKS ADDED – Exploring World Faiths

A series of talks, accessed via u3a subject Adviser for Exploring World Faiths, Dr Peter Rookes

8th Dec, 10th Jan & 23rd Feb

Free – Online via Zoom



Refugee Women & The British Federation for University Women

Susan Cohen of u3a in London, explains how the BFUW protected it’s academic colleagues

Tues 11th Jan at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

Laughter Yoga Series

NEW SESSIONS – Laughter Yoga Workshops    

J   J     Join Judith Walker, Edinburgh u3a, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month

12/01, 09/02, 09/03 & 13/04 at 10am

Free – Online via Zoom

Holocaust Memorial Day Presentation - The Story of Alice Svarin

                          Holocaust Memorial Day Presentation – The Story of Alice Svarin

Join Vera Bernstein, as she tell’s her mother’s survival story at this special

HMD event.

Thursday 27th January at 2pm

Free – Online via Zoom

Pastels with Pete

Pastels With Pete

Join Pete Akers from Sherborne u3a for a demonstration and informal conversation

about making a start in art with soft pastels.

Thursday 27th January at 2pm

Free – Online via Zoom


Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners

Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners

Join Henry Howarth, u3a Subject Adviser for Cryptic Crosswords, for a 6 week course on

Cryptic Crosswords

Thursdays 3rd Feb – 10th March at 10.00am

Free – Online via Zoom



Jul 08

Surrey Network Days from Feb to June 2022 at the Menuhin Centre, Stoke D’Abernon

Time: 10am-4pm, (registration and login begin at 9.30am)

Dates: See programme details below.

Place: You can attend in person at the Menuhin Hall, Stoke d’Abernon or join online via Zoom.

Cost (including tea/coffee biscuits): £10 for members, £12 for guests attending in person. £5 for those attending via Zoom. Attendees should bring a packed lunch.

Registration: Advance booking is necessary for each event. See link below for details of cost for each day and online or postal booking details.

Fri Feb 18th 2022 A Passion for Drawing
Presented by Colin Wiggins
Places are available in the hall or for on-line viewing and booking is open. Poster on Drawing
Fri Mar 18th 2022 The Art and Objects of the Mughal Emperors
Presented by Ursula Weekes
Places are available in the hall or for on-line viewing and booking is open. Poster on Mughals
Fri Apr 22nd 2022 Illuminated Manuscripts of the Medieval Period
Presented by Imogen Corrigan
Places are available in the hall or for on-line viewing and booking is open. Poster on Manuscripts
Fri May 20th 2022 Talks on Science – The Magic of Colour, Electronic Music, Poisons & Dying to be Beautiful
Andrew Hanson, National Physical Laboratory & Dr Kathryn Harkup
Places are available in the hall or for on-line viewing and booking is open. Poster on Science
Fri Jun 17th 2022 Understanding Turner: The Man, His Life & His Work
Presented by Professor Maria Chester, Subject Adviser on American Archaeology & AIUTA Secretary General
Places are available in the hall or for on-line viewing and booking is open. Poster on Turner
Mar 07

Drawing & Painting Group 2

Art Group 2, mixed media in these COVID times we are meeting online with a combination of zoom, emails and telephone calls, in more normal times we meet in the United Reform Church Kingston on Tuesday afternoon.

We are a happy group who have a real love of putting pen, pencil, brush and more to paper. Our tutor is Pat Boyle who challenges and educates us with well thought out projects and is always encouraging and supportive, whatever our individual level.


Mar 03

U3A Monthly Radio Podcast – have a listen to April 2021

This is the seventh episode of our podcast, made by a team of u3a members with experience in radio. Each episode, which comes out on the 17th of each month, features interviews with u3a members and captures the amazing things happening across the u3a movement.

In the April episode of the u3a radio podcast, the team discuss u3a day with organiser Sue Stokes, talk to a u3a member who has taken part in debates in the House of Lords, and discuss Zoom interest groups with Farnham u3a, amongst other stories from across the u3a movement.

Listen to the episode now on our YouTube channel and listen to all previous episodes on our playlist. 

If you have a story to share, please get in touch with us.

Jan 23

Monthly Meetings – Success with Zoom

All the Kingston Monthly Meetings since August have been held on Zoom with members being emailed a link so they can join in.   This has met with great support  nearly reaching the 100 maximum on our Zoom licence in most months. We weren’t completely sure if a few extra might creep in should we hit the magic one hundred well in January we found out it was 100 and no more so several members couldn’t join us.  Consequently at the next Committee meeting after some research we have upped the licence to the next level and unless over 500 of you join us which of course would be magnificent we should be fine!  So see you on 1st Feb to hear Imogen Cunningham speak on the Bayeux Tapestry.

Jan 23

Drawing and Painting Group 2 : Various Media

Drawing and Painting Group 2 meet in the United Reform Church Kingston on a Tuesday afternoon.  We are a happy group of sixteen, mixed ability, mixed gender, but who all have a real love of putting, pen, pencil, brush,  or whatever to paper.  We are lucky enough to have an excellent tutor in Charles Penny, who since joining us some 18 months ago, has breathed new life into our perceptions and given us the enthusiasm to try new things.  We were lucky enough to be able to show our work recently at the CornerHOUSE Theatre in Tolworth and during the course of the exhibition a total of 12 paintings were sold, which was very gratifying.

Click below to View Current Work

Drawing & Painting 2 Flowers

Nov 30

U3A London Region – Talks organised via Zoom – Jan to March 2021

January 2021
Mon Jan 25th Jonathan Lipitch: How to Control Stress in a Stressful World On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
February 2021
Mon Feb 8th Other Camila Nichol: A two hundred-year Antarctic adventure: a short History of Humans in Antarctica On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
Mon Feb 15th Other Alan Freeland: Chinese Art – Insight to the Soul of a Nation, Part 1 Part 1 Monday 15th February and Part 2 Monday 22nd February. On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
Mon Feb 22nd Other Alan Freeland: Chinese Art – Insight to the Soul of a Nation, Part 2 Part 1 Monday 15th February and Part 2 Monday 22nd February. On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
March 2021
Mon Mar 8th Other Geoff Pick: Realms of Gold – John Keats, his Story, and his Poetry On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
Mon Mar 22nd Other Tony Dayan: I Can’t Believe We Still get Medicines from Plants On Zoom. 17.00 – 18.00, Log on from 16.30. Click here for details and registration: Winter Talks 2021
June 2021
Wed Jun 2nd Other National U3A Day: further information on national website: U3A Day
July 2021
Tue Jul 27th
→Thu Jul 29th
Summer School LRU3A Summer School: provisional dates. More information to follow in due course.
Nov 23

National U3A free talks (mostly) coming next Geology, Japan or Wellbeing see link below

Online talks by the U3A Subject specialists and some bodies such as The National Gallery and the National Trust where their have been previous links.

These and many other talks can be booked whether free or paid on The Third Age Trust website

Jan 22nd  The Unification of the British Isles:  a lesson in Geology

A Taste of Japan takes place monthly over January, February and March. There are 3 separate event dates you can book or you can book all three.

Feb 25th or March 11th   Join Susan Collini, Subject Adviser for Wellbeing with Nature, for this interactive talk and discussion on spending time in nature.

 Jan 25th  A six week course that will teach you how to solve cryptic crosswords.


Nov 23

U3A – Watercolour Tutorials by Tony Burke

Watercolour tutorials

Tony Burke, Huddersfield U3A, has run a watercolour class for many years but in March it was cut short. He undertook to complete the course, for those that were interested, via YouTube and has just posted lesson number 26. Tony is really happy to share these with U3A members across the movement.

They are really great tutorials to follow, watch them here.



Sep 05

Kingston U3A Monthly Meetings – being held via Zoom UPDATES !!

We successfully held our first 3 online monthly meeting beginning oin August.  Musician Sophie Matthews gave an excellent talk on the development of the bagpipes and the oboe both in folk tradition and at court.  She played a collection of folk, Renaissance and baroque pieces on her own pipes and oboes and illustrated their development through contemporary paintings and drawings.
The next online meeting via Zoom was on Monday, 7 September (details below).  We will send out invitations to all those members for whom we have email addresses.  Up to 100 people can participate in an online meeting.  The speakers below have all agreed to give their talks on Zoom.
 Our third talk  on Forensic DNA kept up the standard of our other talks and generated a large number of questions. On each occasion we have almost reached our 100 audience limit  our last  meeting getting to 94 with the other two coming very close.
Monday, 7 September, 2pm
Colin Wiggins: Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff and the Story of the School of London
Monday, 5 October, 2pm
Kerri Allen: DNA Profiling as Forensic Evidence – Past, Present and Future    (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE MEETING ANNOUNCED IN THE NEWSLETTER)
Monday, 2 November
1.30pm   AGM
2pm       Carol Harris: Stella Reading and Women’s Voluntary Services
For this meeting, we can have 500 members join online for both the AGM and the talk.
Monday, 7 December, 2pm
Mark Lewis: Cribs, Cards and Christingles
Jul 27

Kingston U3A AGM – Organisation in the Time of COVID

Please see the Archive section on the menu bar where you can find Nomination Forms for people to become Committee members for 2020/21. This is being announced well in advance as the AGM will have to take place online with the help of ZOOM as the Richard Mayo Centre is not available for large group bookings until 2021. Further details will appear in both the  Autumn Newsletter and the News Bulletins to keep you up to date with the necessary procedures.

Membership Renewal forms for 2020/20121 will be available via the Membership tab on the Menu Bar for you to download as required.  The new membership year will start on October 1st 2020.


Jun 03

Kingston U3A – Pandemic Mode

Many Groups are trying to keep in contact during the pandemic using Zoom or other video conferencing applications (best BBC neutrality here) email, Skype or the outdoors as the weather allows e.g.the Art Groups maybe  “en plein air”.  Cycling and walking are being re introduced in the smaller groups now allowed as lockdown gradually relaxes.  Please keep checking with Group Leaders to see the new developments for your groups.

PLEASE NOTE: This website has been left intact as far as possible, in order to display what happens in KINGSTON U3A  when we are NOT in the middle of a pandemic.  Anything found in these pages must be understood in this context.  Thank you.


Jun 03

Celebrating Activity in Lockdown1-Art Group 5

These paintings have been produced by Art Group 5 who meet on Fridays at the Cass Art Shop in normal circumstances.  Rather than let Lockdown hold them back they have been holding their usual teaching sessions via Zoom and keeping each other updated by sharing their work.   Please click on Read More to see examples of their work.

Misty morning IMG_8817 IMG_1726     image3                                     IMG_1392  IMG_0357IMG_1325 IMG_0358  IMG_0134 image003 image3 image2 image2-2 20200504_175217 image001-3 image1-3 image1-2 image0 distance)  20200523_080134

IMG_1484   IMG_0475  IMG_1319  IMG_0323 IMG_0325 IMG_0329  image002 image3-220200511_161816 Lavender Tree River image2-3  20200524_125138  20200524_125112  IMG_1723  IMG_1713  image1  IMG_0163  IMG_0150

Jun 03

Celebrating Activity in Lockdown 2 – Women and Wine, Interesting Women Born Near You

These are two of the more recent topics undertaken by Women in History, the talks and discussions which followed were all done using Zoom sharing illustrations and powerpoints as required. The first  Women In Wine was a presentation by Pascal Strudwick  (a visitor to our group but relevantly  is leader of  the Wine  & Food Appreciation Group) about 6 women who were pivotal in the development of Champagne.  The women mostly widows often from quite a young age took over small firms and made them into some of the most famous names in the champagne industry.

Presentation1   Women and Champagne

The second topic shared over 3 fortnightly meetings as we are a group of 15,  was on interesting women who were born near you and ranged from the internationally famous to a very local relevance some examples are

Margaret Rutherford a Wimbledon girl and film star

Agnes (Aggy)Weston Founder of Sailor’s Rests helping serving sailors,marines and their families  first woman to be given a full ceremonial Royal Navy burial

Edith Smith first woman Police Woman with full powers of arrest granted in recognition of her service during the First World War in Grantham  (I come from Lincolnshire and could of course not think of any other famous women who came from Grantham)

Dorothy Day American journalist , social activist and anarchist who became a Catholic Christian a  Chicago local and now part of the slow process of being canonised.

Ladies for the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil who led the movement in NW Brazil and succeeded in having their state become the first to totally abolish slavery.


Dorothy Day

1. Agnes_Weston

Agnes Weston

Margaret Rutherford


Jun 03

Celebrating Activity in Lockdown 3 – Bridge and Social Media

Some of us who had learn’t to play Bridge via U3A classes  and then went on to form our own groupings when we thrown out of the nest as it were have been keeping up with our bridge by playing online using Bridge Base Online and then adding Zoom or a Whatsapp dimension to help keep bridge a social as well as a playing occasion!

Apr 27

COVID-19 Research Project University of London


University College London is running a study into the psychological and social effects of Covid-19 in the UK.
The results are being used to understand the effects of the virus and social distancing measures on mental health and loneliness in the UK and to inform government advice and decisions.
We’re looking for adults in UK who are happy to take part and spread the word about the study. Participation involves answering a 10-minute online survey now and then answering a shorter follow-up survey once a week whilst social isolation measures are in place.
To take part, visit
Dr Daisy Fancourt MA(Oxon) MM PhD FHEA FRSPH
Associate Professor / Wellcome Research Fellow
Department of Behavioural Science and Health
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
University College London